Despite extremes in venue conditions, the ideal shot always finds a way to present itself. This is why I enjoy having variety in my portrait sessions--to accommodate for different circumstances and needs. (Click to Preview)
Welcome to a grand collection of weddings ranging from 2017 up to my most recent endeavor. Even though the common thread is matrimony, their unique spark shines brightly throughout their wedding day. (Click to Preview)
Catholic Church
Finding beauty through the lens of faith. Take a walk through what can be seen during any liturgical year. (Click to Preview)
Catholic Sacraments
Receiving the Sacraments is the distinguishing mark of the Catholic Faith. Peruse through these cornerstones from Baptisms to Confirmations. (Click to Preview)
'Glow' has a whole new meaning when you see expecting mothers prepare for their little bundle of joy. (Click to Preview)
Ranging from Birthdays and Bridal Showers to Mini-Concerts and Fundraisers, you never know the camaraderie that can be found. (Click to Preview)
Welcome to a rite of womanhood for the hispanic community! Preview the highlights of the commitment made by these young ladies and the impressions they leave for the world to see. (Click to preview)
Celebrating an academic achievement has no age limit! From High school to college, everyone should be proud of putting in the extra effort needed to graduate. (Click to Preview)
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